There have been some massive developments in the world of gaming this year. We have seen many new games come out as well as the Nintendo Classic Mini. To keep yourself fully up to date on the very latest in the world of gaming and computing, keep track of the biggest gaming events and happenings in the world. If you’re not sure where to start or what they might be, have a look at our overview of the biggest gaming events to keep your eye on.

E3 Expo

The absolute biggest event is the E3 expo organised annually in California. E3 brings its visitors the very latest on the future of video games. Not only are new products are launched each year at the E3 conference, the latest ground-breaking technologies are also introduced. E3 cover the everything from computer games to video and mobiles games. Some of the highlights in 2017 included Mario Odyssey, Fifa 18, and Madden NFL 18. People were absolutely raving about the Ubisoft press conferences, stating it was one of the best of the whole event. Those gamers who are into their Xbox will also revel in the fact Microsoft finally revealed its design for the Xbox One X. We can only wait what 2018 will bring us, mark the dates 12-14 June in your calendars!

Awesome Games Done Quick

And now for something completely differently: Awesome Games Done Quick is a biannual event for video game speedrunning. With speedrunning, the main objective is to finish a game as quickly as possible. Although they don’t announce new games or gadgets, speedrunning events are in a league of their own and deserve your time. Speedrunning is big and keeps on getting bigger. Games Done Quick hosts events to raise money for charity and the event is always held in the United States. Want to join one of these events yourself locally? Despair not – there are speedrunning events held locally in the UK as well. Head down to London’s Shoreditch this November for the Western Digital Speed Run Cup. Western Digital have organised a speedrun showdown between journalists, bloggers and gamers to see who will come out on top. All computers at the WD Speed Run Cup will be equipped with their Blue SSDS to ensure a fantastic gaming experience.


Gamescom was famously opened by Angela Merkel this year, which was the kick-off for an overall phenomenal event. Held in August each year in Cologne, Germany, Gamescom is the biggest video games show in Europe. The event is open to the public as well as the industry and has been earmarked as the place to get the very latest gaming information and news. Unlike E3, the focus is not on hardware but on software. As it is open to the public, many fans get a chance to play the very latest games right there at the event. Some highlights of 2017 included a fantastic cinematic Assassin’s Creed: Origins trailer, a Metroid: Samus Returns trailer and more information about Destiny 2. Next year, the event will be held from the 21st to 25th of August 2018.