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Latest game releases: 5 of the biggest releases in May

Posted on May 2, 2017  in Consoles, Gaming

Weather is getting warmer and dryer, and as much as we know we shouldn’t take that for granted here in the UK, it means we’ll soon have to face the dilemma of “beers & BBQ in the sun vs. gaming”. I’m almost tempted to bring the PC out to the garden… But then again, considering the legendary meteorological stability of our national “summer”, I may be speaking too fast. And you know what, I almost hope I am, because this month has some fiery stuff for us to put our hands on!

Action, FPS, combat, science-fiction, RPG: here are the not-to-be-missed releases for this month! Solo or multiplayer gaming, I’ve rounded up the most anticipated numbers. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be bagging all of these – it’s pretty easy when you have a Zavvi Discount Code, as I can already pre-order most of these at incredible prices (think £5 to £10 or more off the RRP!).


Prey : the apocalypse – but in spacePrey


Bethesda’s new game, Prey, carries the player out to a space station orbiting around the moon, after a failed experience which led to a catastrophe. Now the player has to find a rudimentary weapon and try to fix the situation, while fighting some belligerent alien weirdos. This excellent action FPS evokes Half-Life or System Shock, of which it proves a worthy successor.







Rime-Xbox-OneRime : an unforgettable voyage

PC – PS4 – Xbox One

Rime, created by the studio Tequila Works, which came to fame with Deadlight, is a proper exploration game. The player incarnates a young boy lost on an island, which he has to explore to look for clues allowing him to understand why he is there. Aided in his adventures by a fox, the hero must solve riddles to advance and evolve in wonderful landscapes that give the player a great impression of freedom.






Injustice 2 : superhero dualsInjustice-2-PS4


The first was a good success: here is Injustice 2! In this totalitarian world governed by Superman, superheroes just can’t get enough of beating each other up. As enjoyable to play in solo as it is in multiplayer, this episode sees prestigious guest stars such as the Joker, Brainiac, Catwoman or The Flash, each with new skills to send to their enemies, with warm regards x








Image result for farpoint ps4Farpoint : the virtual reality FPS!


Super anticipated by owners of a Playstation VR headset, Farpoint finally arrives this month. In this virtual reality FPS, you find yourself on a strange planet after a collapse in an anomaly discovered in the vicinity of Jupiter. You have to survive while battling hordes of aliens, and attempt to reach the Pilgrim space station where some survivors remain.





Fire Emblem Echoes : Shadows of ValentiaFire-Emblem-Echoes-Shadows-of-Valentia-Nintendo-3DS

– a welcome comeback


With Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Nintendo offers a well-polished remake of an episode from the series Fire Emblem – not the most famous of the Japanese style RPGs. The story takes place in the kingdom of Zofia, where Alm, a teenager engaged in the Deliverance army, is willing to do everything to save princess Celica, with whom he grew up before being separated. A classic theme, which the game revisits in a clever way, placing the player in control of two armies, in turn-based combats. You can also explore donjons, a big first in this series.

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