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Everything We Know About The New Crash Bandicoot

Posted on May 11, 2017  in Consoles, Gaming

Now that we finally know the release date of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (June 30) exclusively for PS4, this summer promises to be one full of fun and nostalgia. So what will the remastered version of these three classic Playstation games have to offer? How much will it cost? If you want to know the answer to these questions and more then check out this article on the rebirth of one of our childhood heroes.


How much will it cost?

You can pre-order from most of the top gaming websites like Zavvi or Amazon for less than £35, great value for three games you’ll never get tired of revisiting. Right now, it doesn’t seem likely that the games will be sold separately, but why would you want less of Crash?

What about graphics?

Visually, you’ll see great improvements while staying true to the original thanks to the use of a PBR engine. The changes involve add some colour to the environment while fitting into the fast paced nature of a Crash Bandicoot game, which this new engine is essential for.

And Crash??

Not to worry, Remastered Crash will be staying true to Original Crash, surfer shorts and all. The designers are well aware of how connected people feel to the original and are doing their best to replicate the design while bringing Crash up to 2017 speed.

What about the soundtrack?

Supposedly the composers of the original have not taken part in the remastered version, but the game’s creators assure that not only will they remain faithful to the original soundtrack, however also improve it thanks to current technology.

Bonus stages

If you can remember, the bonus stages of Crash were not only troublesome to find, but die just once and that’s your chance ruined. Well, in the remastered version, you can play the bonus stages until you run out lives. So now you only have to find the level, and not deal with the frustration of making one silly mistake.

Finding gems

Similar to the last point, it’s believed that in this updated version you don’t need to go through a level without dying in order to get the gems.

I’m happy that I’m writing this article, as that means that it’s real and finally here: Crash Bandicoot is back!!

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