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When Will Battlegrounds Come To Consoles?

Posted on May 12, 2017  in Battlegrounds, PC

As Dave Grohl once famously sang; “I’ve got another confession to make”. In my case, I may indeed be a fool because I have become an expert in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with dozens of hours under my belt on what to expect from any scenario. The only problem is….I HAVEN’T EVEN PLAYED IT.

Yes my darkest secret is that I have not even mustered up the courage to get it on Steam. Instead I find myself, like hundreds of thousands of others, mercilessly watching highlights and live streams of the game on YouTube.

I will admit that I just can’t hack it anymore playing PC games and have been eagerly awaiting news of this masterpiece getting a full console release. News is coming in dribs and drabs but there is hope that a console release could be coming somewhere in the uber-competitive time of Q3-Q4.

Most gaming sites seem to have the same points of discussion for what to expect:

  • The Xbox release will be sooner because (and this isn’t a joke) the open source nature of access has made it easy for the developers and mods to get the game console ready. That means you can expect for a beta to pop up as part of the¬†Xbox Preview Program
  • New maps are also slated for Battlegrounds post-launch. We all know right now that the game is one big island and even though there are thousands online everyday, a quick search on YouTube will show that people are discovering new spawn spots and treats (hello red dot sight) in new places.
  • Vroom Vroom! There’s gonna be a proper motorbike. I’m sure you’ve all seen the videos of people getting hit with sidecars, but motorbikes will be coming to the game soon meaning that dying while trying to run against the play area getting restricted won’t get so bad.
  • The game isn’t finsihed yet. This is the mad part I still can’t get my head around. When it’s released on consoles, it still won’t be done. The PC version right now, although seemingly all good, is full of development holes that make it interesting to keep progress of.


Here’s hoping the console version is ready to rock and roll right out of the box.

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