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6 Predictions For The Future Of Video Games

Posted on May 19, 2017  in Consoles, Gaming

The video game industry appears to be an unstoppable force which is growing and growing. However, it’s never too long before a new, innovative form of media takes over and suddenly the old model is irrelevant. In order for video game companies to stay relevant and open up new revenue streams, some new strategies have to be considered. Here are 6 predictions for the future of the video game industry, enjoy!


1. Attracting women

Gaming is still an industry dominated by men. If companies can attract more female gamers then their sales will skyrocket. The problem is that it’s not too clear what kind of game is most attractive for female gamers. The online version of The Sims has been fairly unsuccessful because it didn’t appeal to women, for whom it was actually designed. The change first has to be made within the gaming companies, as more women involved in the decision making process will result in an end product more attractive for female gamers.

2. In-game Advertising

This is a practice that went from television to film, and now to games. Similar to in the movies, product placement should be incorporated as part of the game, not some strange non-sequitur that interrupts the action.

3. Attracting New Media Consumers

Unlike television, video games have the advantage of interactivity, and companies must take advantage of that. The most loyal and addicted players form the core group of their customers, but the goal must be to capture new media consumers.

4. New Talent

It’s a new era of gaming, where students who have grown up with Playstations and Xboxes their whole lives have now been to college and introducing some great innovations. It’s also important for companies to attract talented writers from other industries as gamers want a well thought out story and not just monotonous levels of action.

5. Legislation.

Companies have to be aware that legislation around games may tighten, legislation mostly pushed through by politicians who’ve never touched a console. In light of this, the industry has an obligation to understand what it is creating and explaining their creation properly to consumers and their families.

6. User Created Content

YouTube is the obvious example of this new world of content creation based on the contributions of users. The video game industry should work to develop an environment that monitors and controls the contribution of users, which are added in to the game and rewarded for doing so.

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