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Happy (Almost) Birthday Overwatch!

Posted on May 19, 2017  in Overwatch

If you’re an Overwatch fan like me, you’ll have been excited to here that the team at Blizzard have announced they’re going all our for the game’s 1st birthday. Since its launch on PC, Xbox & PS4, fans around the world have been screaming down their headsets when someone decides to play as Symmetra in Attack Mode (it just can’t be me, right?) and if you hop over to Reddit you’ll see daily highlights getting upvoted by the hundreds. But what about this birthday party then? We can we expect to get?


Now while waiting for a game in Skirmish can be fun to have a quick run around, it has to be said that maps in the game are almost too easy to memorise, leaving little room for surprises around corners when playing a competitive game. I’m assuming that these 3 new maps will mean that characters like Junkrat and Hanzo won’t be able to simply spam kill any longer and the first few weeks of the next competitive season will be a right slug-fest.


I’ll have to admit that i’m not the biggest fan of these new skins. While I can understand the look they’re going for on the likes of Bastion and Soldier 76, they just look like renders for eventual action figures (which I am all for btw)



Even though she’s the character on the cover of the game, I have a hard time working with Tracer on any map, especially when looking at her ultimate. Even watching the POTG above, the majority of that Ultimate you’re left thinking when she’s going to get hit going right in the control point. Luck for me though, she’s going to get the “Heroes of the Storm” ultimate, allowing her to mini-spawn right in the middle of the enemy team and get out of dodge before dying.


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